The Charity Department Of Leading Gambling Group Directing Its Efforts Toward Antigua

The Calvin Ayre Foundation has made known its initial of what are to be several outreaches to the islands of Antigua & Barbuda. The foundation has made known its two initial initiatives which are directed at the promotion of educational opportunities for the local Antiguan youth, the building of lunchroom facilities for a secondary school which will serve students who are participating in a governmental meal program, and the certain of a fence which will encompass the school’s property, thus making available a much safer school environment for students.
Dr. Errol Cort, Antigua & Barbuda Finance Minister, announced the foundations grant to his government. It was reported by both school and government officials that the Calvin Ayre Foundation was sponsoring the construction of the $203,000 T.N. Kirnon school meals facility, making the this secondary school a part of the larger national program. This building’s construction will assure primary and junior secondary school children the safe, clean lunchroom facilities that they require. The building will include areas for the children to sit while they eat their meals.
The Charity Department Of Leading Gambling Group
The construction by the Calvin Ayre Foundation of a safety fence for school’s perimeter, in addition to sponsoring the meals program, is a second project that the foundation is undertaking. The fence has been needed by the school for a period of several years. The finance will serve to protect children from the surrounding high density terrific areas and congested roads that line the present day soccer field making for a hazardous environment for the many students, who have run out into terrific to retrieve balls. On the other side of the school is a prison. This finance will serve to both protect children from the surrounding terrific as well as to keep out undesirables who should not be on the school’s property.
Bodog owner, billionaire Calvin Ayres is sponsoring these projects as an expression of his interest in giving in to the societal development of the local Antiguan community, in which his foundation is located.
Ayre’s has expressed his foundation’s motivation to help with the educational needs of the local school population of Antiguan youth, and he has expressed an interest in carry out further additional similar type projects in the future.