German Concern Offering Roulette By Webcam

It would possibly appear that the gambling sector based in Germany is expanding into international gaming waters through a new Internet project. British online gamblers will soon be receiving an opportunity to play roulette over the Internet from the Wiesbaden casino in Frankfort Germany, live and direct to their homes.
Those players who register for the service will be allowed to make bets by placing them on the roulette table by using their computer. They’ll be able to track the results will they watch the croupier who is being televised through 2 webcams.

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At the present time Casino Wiesbaden is saying that it alone has been legally licensed to carry out this service of offering online roulette via a webcam since it is a permanently state-controlled casino. This virtual game is being operated between the hours of 11:00am and 3am local European time and is available through the use of two tables, each of which contains an authentic roulette wheel.
German Concern Offering Roulette By Webcam
Thomas Freiherr von Stenglin who runs Casino Weisbaden says that everything involved in this form of online roulette is real. The only difference from complete reality is that the player is able to sit in their home by their computer instead of having to come to Casino to play at the roulette table. He says that this opportunity to include customers via the Internet from the United Kingdom is very exciting to them.