Craps probability: learn to win

In this article, we will show the probabilities of each possible outcome of a craps roll. As you will see, if you are not already aware, there are 36 possible outcomes when you roll the dice. Those who bet on the dice should know the probabilities of each outcome before you start playing.
Craps probability: learn to winPlease study and remember the table below. Increase your chances of winning at craps. In addition, the table below is a brief explanation of what all these numbers.
The most common result is 7. Six times out of 36 the result is 7. So the chances of getting a 7 is 6/36 (5 to 1 or 16.67%). The results are most unlikely 2 and 12. There is only one possible combination for each of these, ie, 1 +1 = 2 and 6 +6 = 12. One of thirty-six possible outcomes means that the chances of getting these numbers are 1/36 (35 to 1.)

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In order to calculate the odds of winning in the opening launch, we must consider the possibility of getting a 7 or 11. The number of possible combinations is then 6 and 2. This means that your chances of getting a 7 or an 11 are 8/36.
Surely you will ask what are the chances of defeat in the roll. Well, if we add the possibility to get a second (1/36) to a third (2/36), we get 4/36 (1 +2 +1 = 4) chance of losing. So the chances of winning the come out roll are exactly double those of losing.
In total, the chances of winning or losing the bet “pass line” is 12/36 (8/36 + 4/36). In percentage terms, this is exactly one third (33.33%). During the game the probabilities change considerably.