Could There Be Major Change For Online Gambling?

Is it just possible that the French monopolistic approach to gambling is on the verge of positive change? This week the French press reported that the Sarkozy administration may be planning to liberalize the French online gambling scene by implementing a more open and competitive regulatory regime.
Could There Be Major Change
The European Commission has not commented on the media reports, but Patrick Partouche, head of the Partouche casino group, welcomed the news, cautioning that any new legislation would take time to be enacted, and adding that it is likely that the French monopoly Francaise des Jeux would attempt to delay the move for as long as possible. France has already been in detailed talks with European Commission officials about its protectionist policies, and has been the recipient of warnings from that EU enforcement body.
The change in presidency could be the catalyst for real change, bringing France into compliance with European Union requirements for the free passage of trade and services between EU member nations.