Beta version now live on Royal Vegas Casino

Microgaming, the provider of turnkey online gambling software operations, has mad known its latest software, Multi-Player Viper (MPV), which it plans to start online live starting today, at the Royal Vegas Casino, which is a part of the Fortune Lounge Group. It is expected that during the coming years, this new software for Multi-player Viper will serve as one of the most active growth and game improvement venues says Microgaming spokesman.
Beta version Now Live on Royal Vegas Casino
The new Microgaming software is in Beta format at the moment and will require no separate download. Those wishing to play at the site and utilize the new software need only register an alias to be used on the normal Viper player account. This may then be used for Multi-player Viper play as well. Viper software is employed by many of Microgaming’s most popular games and stands today as being among the most adaptable, popular and player friendly gaming software networks in the industry’s history.
In order to allow for easy using and speedy access to one’s games, the alias selected by players is to be unique encompassing the entire Microgaming Poker and Casino Networks. Players who already have selected a poker alias may also use this alias when playing with the Multi-player Viper software.
Slot machine tournaments will makeup the initial stage of the new Multi-player Viper product of Microgaming. This is due to the fact of its popularity having greatly increased throughout the years as a result of their fast pace and the excitement that they generate. The slot machine tournaments with include the kind of fun that is traditionally associated with normal slot games, however, Multi-player Viper while provide an added attraction whereby players are able to compete with each other for the winning prize. When Multi-player Viper software is employed the games become extremely fast paced drawing into a frenzy of activity that definitely gets the adrenalin pumping. This provides for a high degree of excitement, and within a concentrated, short period of time in as few all slots review as a single round.
Royal Vegas, which is the initial release, will offer two slots; Tomb Raider and Thunderstruck. Because of its lasting popularity, Tomb Raider has become a hit among all of the gaming platforms and the franchise will only get stronger as it supplies entertainment to thousands through the means of multi-play.