Participate in Venice with the WPT National Winga!

Winga is pleased to announce an initiative that will please all poker players live. Those of you familiar with the famous World Poker Tour? Have you always wanted to participate? With Winga you can realize your dream.
The National WTP of Venice is divided into 4 different milestones in the Casinos Italian. After the success of the first leg played in Saint Vincent, the staff of the WPT is pleased to announce that the second leg will be played at the Casino Ca’Noghera in Venice from 21 to 25 July 2012. To celebrate this great event, Winga Poker has decided to propose several satellites at a cost of only 1 €! The prize? Simply said, the tickets to attend the second stage of a major live poker events!
Participate in Venice with the WPT National Winga
Qualifying is very simple, just join the National Satellite WPT from 100 € with a prize pool of € 5,500 scheduled hours from Sunday to Thursday from 21.20.

Qualified National Winga!

In summary, Winga provides both numerous satellites from 1 € ticket with a prize for participating in the big event, is aimed at qualifying tournaments that have a cost of 100 € but also include € 5,500 prize pool in addition to the qualification course. It is up to you to decide how to join the National WPT Venice. The last edition was a success, players have come from all over the globe and we talk about players of high caliber and not sunday player. If you want to be able to shake the hands of champion’s poker and challenge, them in one of the most beautiful cities of Italy, then go on Winga. How we say “Lady Luck is with you and your cards”
To you the comments and personal considerations as always!